Employer Engagement

The Center for Career Transformation career pathways program promotes prosperity and growth in local workforce industries. Employers gain a sustainable workforce, and employees gain sustainable growth in their career development. The collaboration facilitated by the career pathways program thus, ultimately leads to a prosperous community.


  • Have direct involvement in the development of a skilled workforce
  • Tailor the skill requirements desired for future employees
  • Set up benchmarks for current employees to climb on a career ladder
  • Decrease lost time, recruiting, costs, and resources
  • Create job sustainability and growth in our community

How Can Companies Get Involved?:

  • Participate in a Needs Assessment
  • Set the Standards – Hiring Expectations, Work Readiness Standards, Technical Skills, etc.
  • Work-based Learning – Job Shadowing, Apprenticeship, Internship
  • Provide workplace relevant learning materials
  • Provide equipment, supplies, tools, and resources for authentic learning
  • Advise on education, training, credentials, and skills needed
  • Co-develop Curriculum
  • Mentor
  • Provide Local Labor Market Information and Data
  • Develop and Deliver Training
  • Provide On-site Training Space
  • Hire Graduates from the Career Pathways Program

Programs & Services for Employers

  • Needs Assessment
  • Language Training
  • Worksite Training
  • Recruiting/Hiring